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Indiana - United States
~~I have given pleasure to the world of roleplay because I have beautiful long fingers! (Or so the cat might say) The first thing people usually notice about me is my quirky personality, closly followed by my smashing feet. I'm the person for you, if you like great feet and ankles, particularly combined with ample baby oil....

Okay enough with the lame jokes..Seriously, I'm an articulate kind of writer, who likes nothing more than writing with the right person. If you're the right roleplayer for me, you'll be articulate (you don't have to be lit or write long paragraphs but please write clearly) and be creative (no boring repetitive lines or plot. Keep the story moving lively and steady is what interests me). I do all genres, prefer discussing a plot before launching into it and roleplay as a third person. You can roleplay however you want I don't care. Bottom line, I am out for a good time and hope you are too! Okay now kindly message me to roleplay before I extract your giblets and shove a large, seasoned onion between the lips you never kiss with. (PS if you hadn't noticed I tend to make quirky jokes often ;) Light me with fire, baby! Let's get going :)