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18 / Female / Single

ღThanks for visiting!~

❥ I'm looking forward to roleplay and even chat!
❥ I'm am very open to every single genre, but I do see that romance needs to
be included because why not >.<
❥ However!~ not always, I could be just used at will if you would like to.
❥ I'm okay with both MxF and FxF!~
❥ I can be any role you want and desire me to be in RP!~

❣️First off first! Lets both of us have fun!~ that means we have to come up with
something together so we both can be happy, but if you already had an
amazing idea we don't need to discuss anything!~

❣️I'm really easy going! but please pleasee no one-liners! If I send you a multi-
paragraph roleplay response and then afterward you will just send me a
one-liner response that will be upsetting

❣️Do not control my character! I will get frustrated and don't blame me when i
go off on you.

❣️I have limits when it comes to roleplaying and I will tell them to you!~

❣️And lastly!! please when you add you talk!~

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Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
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Hey. What's up?
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