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SwappyBerrySans's Blog

Info for Horror Sans!

~Basic Information~
Name | Horror Sans

Nicknames | Axe, Spooks, Chomps

Gender | Male

Pronouns | He/him & They/Him

Sexuality | Bisexual

Dom, sub, switch? | Pure switch

Ecto-parts? | D*ck, p**sy, and ass

Weak spots | Head wound, neck, shoulders, ribs, spine, and tailbone

Likes | Food, soft pillows, soft blankets, axes, knives, sleeping, secretly likes plushies, hugs, cuddling, head pets, chin scratches, being praised, being held

Dislikes | Talking about Undyne, being denied food, sour foods, the cold, being yelled at, talking about his head wound+scars, being refused cuddles or hugs, having his head wound touched at too much

Monster type | A rather beat up skeleton

Eye color | Red

Magic color | Dark dusty red

Clothes | Navy blue jacket with a fuzzy lining, dirty white shirt, black with white striped shorts, and dusty pink slippers

Scar(s) | Has a gaping hole in his head, some scars on his ribcage and arms
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Twin eels? [Any ship au]

If anyone is down to roleplay this with my then hit me up! Just tell me which characters you want to roleplay with!
Please write more than 2 sentences
Be either semi-literate or literate
Am down to do fluff, smut, or a mix of both!
Also sorry, till not taking oc x canon ships anymore sorry again ^^'

Scenario 1: [Your character] is a fisherman that manage to come across a pair of eels (could be by accident or on purpose).
You can choose to capture them to farm them for their eggs, eat them, spare them, etc!

Scenario 2: [Your character] is a mer-creature than swam too far away from home. Thankfully some nice friendly twin eels come to help you out! Or will they..?
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Some Kustard(or other ship) lamia plots

Looking for anyone wanting to do a Undertale Sans x Underfell Sans roleplay!
(Or heck any sans/pap/fontext roleplay not picky rite now tbh)
If anyone interested then let me know.

Scenario 1: [Person2] is abandoned/wild lamia and [Person1] takes him in (1 lamia & 1normal)

Scenario 2: [Person1] is adopting [Person2] from a store after being told that [Persona2] is returned back a lot due to being out of control and violent (1 lamia & 1 normal)

Scenario 3: [Person2] is studying [Person1] (who is being kept in captivity) and either one start to crush on the other (1 lamia & 1 normal)

Scenario 4: Both are lamias stuck in a testing facility and have to work together to escape (2 lamias)

Scenario 5: If both are lamias then one enters on the other's territory (accidental or not) then see how things go from there (2 lamias)
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My interpretation of the Swap characters

Please note this is my interpretation of the characters I roleplay so please understand and don't be upset if your view of the character differ from mine.

I'll update this blog for the other characters when I got the time lol~


《Sans - Likes to go by Blue or Berry》
Berry is a friendly skeleton but don't be fooled! He is able to hold up well in a fight hence being an apprentice-in-training! Though Berry will always try to find a Pacifist way to end it.

Despite his appearance, Berry isn't so innocent. He does understand 'lewd' topics and actually curses sometimes. But he tries to keep this under wraps due to fear of what the townfolks will think of him not being this 'innocent precious baby that needs to be protected'.
So far only Papyrus and Alphys know how he truly is.
《Papyrus - Likes to go by Rus, Paps, and Stretch》
Rus is the older brother of Berry even if he doesn't act like it sometimes. He's pretty laid back and relaxed, able to keep his brother's secret without much problem.
Even though he wishes Berry would quit the act someday.
While he sometimes tends to be protective over his little brother, if Rus sees no threat then he'll ease off.

Rus secretly works under Queen though only Sans, Muffet, and Undyne know this.
Rus loves his sweets and smoking (much to his brother's dislike).
Rus has a secret soft spot for Asgore since the goat monster was like the father he never had. (Or well wasn't present as much)
《Chara - Nicknamed Buttercup by Papyrus, Sans, and Asgore》
The last human that fell down, Chara is sweet Pacifistic human that wouldn't hurt a fly. They are pretty innocent which causes Sans and Papyrus to tease, joke, prank, and even playfully flirt with them a lot, much to their flustered confusion.
Chara now lives with Asgore in the ruins and is usually only able to go outside if Papyrus is with them.
Gaster is alive and works as the underground's taxi riverperson. Due to being the only taxi monster, he isn't able to go home and visit his children often.
Papyrus somewhat despises Gaster for never being home and having to raise Sans on his own.
Aside from rarely visiting his children, Gaster is actually a very kind monster and feels terrible for not being there for his sons.

While Gaster does love both his sons, he wishes that Papyrus would actually try and commit to something. He often tends to compare Sans's actions and accomplishments with Papyrus's.
Not realizing this is just furthering Papyrus's depression and questioning of self-worth.
《Muffet - Goes by Muffey》
Muffet is the owner of her bakery/pub Muffet's. Willing to give free food to homeless monsters and sickening her pet giant spider on robbers.
She is close to the skeleton brothers, even seeing Sans as her own baby brother.
Showering the little skeleton with affection and sweets. Even with no hesitation, she will summon her pet against those that bullied her dear adopted-bro Sans.
《Napsatton - Napsta, Nappy, rust bucket (by Papyrus)》
Napsatton is a DJ ghost inside a robot body that Undyne created for them. They act as the underground's radio and music host.
They sometimes tend to pick up random monsters for their gossipy/drama talk shows. Napsta has even tried to convince Sans to come on just to make him spill the beans. But thankfully Papyrus always shooes them away.

Despite being nosey, headstrong, and loud this is really all an act they play on for the masses. Napsatton fears that if they don't do their best to cheer up the underground, then their whole existence is completely meaningless.
《MettaBlook - Metta, Blooky, Pinkie (by Papyrus)》
MettaBlook is a somewhat timid pink ghost who dreams of one day being a well-known fashionista. They are Napsatton's secret clothes designer and cousin!
Due to not being brave enough like their cousin, Metta stays back home tending to the snail farm and making outfits.
They are close friends with Undyne and tend to weeb out about all the type of clothes they see in anime.

Metta has some difficulty sharing their passion since most tend to find the ghost annoying. Though they immediately took interest in Papyrus, since he tends to listen to them ramble with no problems. This accidentally prompted in Metta gaining a crush, even though the skeleton was just being polite and has no interest in them romantically.
《Grillby - Grill, Grillbs》
Grillby is a fire elemental monster that owns a bar in Hotlands, near NTT resort.
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Lots of roleplay plots, am bored so check them out

Able to rp with anyone down with doing some slight dark topics (angst, violence, slight gore, abuse etc)
Don't worry I'm willing to negotiate if there are some topics you want to avoid completely!

Able to do these scenarios with neko/wolves, lamias, or dragons!
N/W = Nekos/Wolves
L = Lamias
D = Dragons

Scenario1: Owner uses [n/w, l, d] (they caught or bought illegally) for dog fights to get money. Basically a strange love-hate relationship kind of thing

Scenario2: Owner finds [n/w, l, d] being used in dog fights and tries to save it from it still be used or the chop block

Scenario 3: One character accidentally trespasses onto the other's territory (either 1normal & 1other or both could be n/w, l, d)

Scenario 4: One character finds the [n/w, l, d) and adopts / mistakes the character as a cute little pet and decides to take care of them (1normal & 1n/w, l, d)

Scenario 5: One character stumbles upon a [n/w, l, d] who is severely injured and takes them home to heal up their wounds (1normal & 1n/w, l, d)
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