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(☆ The Magnificent Sansy! ☆)
22 / Male / Broken Hearted
Underground / Snowdin Town, Mount Ebott - United States
Hello there and welcome to my page! I can't wait to meet you all! Monsters or humans alike! :D

Please click here( if you would like to know more about my magnificent self~

I will do my best to respond whenever I am done with training with Alphys!
Don't tell Papy I'm on here cause he might get angry at me... >_>"
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Platonic mother figure! = @AmberMutt
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((Yes I play male characters despite me being a chick. What is so difficult to understand? ;-;

Thanks for checking out my page random person!
If you want to add me to increase your friend list count then go ahead, I don't mind! ^^



Characters-> Berry(swap!sans){}, Vixx{}, Red(fell!sans){} & Violette{}

Thank you for checking my profile out~ ;3 ♡))

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[Out of character:
Man love it when despite both my profile and my rules say that I'd prefer to NOT interact with minors (17-)
I keep getting friend requests/questions/comments spams from minors upset about 'why won't I accept their request to rp'
Like bruh >_>]
Mood: annoyed
1  Dec 4th 2022 05:20

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Q. Of course! He would LOVE it!
A. Sweet! Mwehe~
Now I just need to find the human and ask her if she can make one for Pap too!
 Jan 24th 2022 07:17

Q. Really? Then get him one too!
A. Mwehe! Good idea friend!
Although he said he wanted a 'dilf' one? So we could match! ^w^
 Jan 23rd 2022 22:35

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Hey text me when you can!!
Sep 18th 2022 00:15