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29 / Male / Single
Pennsylvania - United States
Hey all, if you continue to read you'll be reading my writing and writing style, and rules. I'll make sure to label each of them as for you not to get confused. And I'll make a blog post shortly about the two characters I use.

About my writing and style:
First off, I enjoy writing in the third person and in past tense. I will always use " for dialogue, ' for thoughts or texts, and I don't use anything for actions. I usually prefer at least a paragraph all the way up to about 4-5 paragraphs for my replies. I usually reply quite quickly as well, but there's no obligation to rush your reply to me either :)

-I require my writing partner to be AT LEAST 18, preferably a little older than that.
-I do not accept one-liner or semi replies, the exception would be if you have god tier writing skills that can get a great point across in just one line.
-I prefer not to write with furries, WWE characters, or like IRL instagram model kind of folks. No offense to any of you but it would be so rare to find one of those folks in those categories that would fit any plot I could think of.
-I do enjoy mutual cooperation in discussing a plot/story. I don't really like it when someone already has this mega elaborate plot or plots thought out since many are too specific to leave much wiggle room.
-No bigotry in the story, please. To clarify, I don't allow the following: homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism (these all include slurs against those people, not just aversion or physical violence against them), pedophilia, necrophilia, being overly religious, being overly political, rape or dubious consent, targeted hate toward the mentally ill or body shaming
-I don't mind sm*t at all, but don't make the story all about sm*t.
-This isn't a dating site, so don't try flirting with me, or asking me about my relationships or personal life. Unless I become friends with you for real, it's nunya
-If you use OCs, don't make the OCs invincible or seemingly godly. Like I don't enjoy it whenever a fight breaks out between my character and someone's OC and suddenly they know my every move, and don't die when they get pumped full of bullets lmfao
-Lastly, I prefer not to stray from Ben (the OG Night of the Living Dead), Stephen (the OG Dawn of the Dead), or John (Day of the Dead). They can stretch to fit into most stories, and zombies don't have to be involved as I'll still portray them the same.

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