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Hurricane irma

(There will be human names just cause i want to use them for this drabble so ex of human names florida will be named maya, georgia is jessica, and texas is jake)

Maya was chilling with her dog joey who was sleeping on her lap while watching the tv since she had nothing better to do until she flipped to the news to see if anything she should worry about. When she flipped to it her eyes widen as she saw the hurricane irma was a cat 5 storm she was in a panicking knowing it would only be a few hours. She quickly left her house and quickly got to the store and brought as much food and plenty of water for herself as she thanks the lady she got back to her house to see people putting up boards on her windows as she thanks them and walked inside and settled everything down.

She was nervous about riding out a hurricane on her own as she called up her two friends that would be worried about her. After talking with them both she was ok until the wind picked up and the heavy rain. She was listening quitely to the rain until she heard a crash outside and screams as she quickly got up and looks out her back window seeing a tree had fallen down with terrified eyes she quickly ran back to the couch and dial jake's number with tears falling down her face as jake had picked up seeing it was his sibling as they both talked maya could hear things breaking outside as she was scared.

Jake felt so pissed off he couldn't do anything for his sibling knowing he was so far away from her and no one could get into florida until after the hurricane left so he told her to just calm down and relax which she did and jake was glad as he kept his eyes on the tv watching the hurricane as both him and jessica were watching the tv since they were staying with each other. Maya eventually got her laptop out and skype with them both as she was saving her phone battery. Some how her power hasn't gone out so she listen to her two siblings talk before she fell asleep. Both jake and jessica smile as they kept the skype on so if maya woke up they could talk.

It was a few hours after they had gotten off skype and maya saw water leaking into her house as she frowns walking through it with her dog joey who was always watching over her. She frowns peaking out seeing it was the eye of the hurricane as she opened her door and walked out looking at all the damage knowing she would have to ride out the back of it as she saw some of her citizens in need of saving as she saved a few of them and told them to come inside her house so she could help with the wounds and get them help before the bad part of the hurricane came.

After she got them all off to their own houses she sat down on her couch again holding to joey as she could hear the wind picking up badly again and she felt panic once again as she could see the water raising more with all the rain. After a couple hours of rain falling it was up to her waist in water and she knew it was only a matter of time until it it fills her house all the memories she would lose she was sadden as her and joey made it upstairs with her laptop and phone as she cries wishing for the hurricane to stop as she fell asleep on her bed only to wake up and see the water towards her stairs. She heard a boat as the water was raising more with each other the ran by but the boat was far off problemly a good hour away she knew she would have to get out of the house as she sent one good text to both her siblings and jumps out leaving her laptop and phone as joey jumped behind her.

Maya was panicking as she was in opened water before she could make out her two siblings with their father america or better known as joe to humans as she tries to swim towards them but was so tired but joey wasn't going to let his owner die as he used his body to carry his owner to the boat as both were helped into the boat. Maya could feel her people either drowning to get crushed by stuff as she whimpers and shivers from the cold. she looks up and sees her dad and brother and sister as she smiles and passes out.

After she woke up she was out of florida and in a dry place which happens to be in texas as she looks around and got out of bed and walks out of the room. Joe saw her and smiles hugging his little girl close. After the hurricane passed there was still so much to do but maya had her family to help her out.

(DONE finally god took me a good hour and half to write enjoy!)
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How florida met america

Florida was adopted into a rich family household but this family just wanted her so they could use her since she was small bean at the time so she couldn't really tell her mom or dad no. Her two adopted siblings were nice to her so she was happy with that. But one night florida was happily watching tv with her older adopted sister when their dad came home drunk with his wife as well jessica aka florida's adopted sister knew what would happen so she tried her hardest to protect florida or as she named her adopted sister alyse just so she has a human name to be called by in public as only jessica knew that alyse was a very speical child. The father was abusive to all his kids but he was worst when he was drunk so florida didn't really know but knew that if her sister was caution around their father then she should be too. After their father beat them up jessica knew that alyse would be more hurt so jessica packed some stuff up and packed a lot of food into a backpack and took alyse/florida out of the house eventually telling alyse to just stay alive that she will have a much better life then being abused all the time. Florida was sadden to see jessica leave but knew it was for the best as she traveled all over the place until she came across a guy who looked like the america flag on his face with black shades. She was caution when she saw that he noticed her and walked towards her. Florida took off scared for her life. Eventually one day florida got sick due to not wearing winter clothes but that's when america saved her and healed her up good. From then on florida was on her way to becoming a state but she won't ever forget her adopted brother and sister who helped her get to where she is today.
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