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22 / Female / Single
Anywhere in florida, Florida - United States
"Hai i am Sunshine state or better known as Florida!! I am one of america's states! I hope to make friends and meet some of papa's friends!!"

(PLease don't l*wd the florida bean i will block you)





Siblings:to many siblings!

Likes:chilling with her sibling, helping her state out, helping her dad when he comes to her for a visit, going to the beach,

Dislikes:others hurting her dad or siblings, seeing her siblings hurt or in pain,

The siblings she is closest to: Georgia, Alabama, Texas, north and south caroline, a few others

The siblings she is less close with:alot of the other states(though she is working on making friends with all her siblings it's taking a lot longer then she wants.)

Florida was small child when america found her by the beach. Florida didn't really know who america was but she was shy and scared and kept running away from him because she was scared he was going to hurt her like her other family did well not really family more like they kidnapped the poor child. Florida managed to escape the family was living on the streets for years that's why she was scared of america, she didn't know he wanted to help her until one night she was ill and america found her and helped her get back to healthy bean from then on she found out she was really a state of the USA and she grew a bond with her father which just so happens to be the USA.

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. "Yes i totally know dude! Dad told me!!!"
 Nov 9th 2019 12:20

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