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(Tommy B.)
17 / Male / Married
Slumberous Dreamland, United States
♪~Through the looking glass
There is a place
Shrowded in mystery
Where should I go now?
What will I find
In this fantasy?~♪

☆About Me☆

♡ Tommy/♂/17
♡ 5'2
♡ Below average artistically
♡ Average academically
♡ Above average gamely(?)
♡ I'm ambitious but also too lazy to fulfil any ambitions
♡ I care a lot for my friends and I don't expect much but welcome any sort of affection
♡ Have this weird big brother complex (Don't ask cause even I couldn't tell you why)
♡ Just wants to sleep between the border of dreams and reality

♡Lovely Confectioneries♡












"Look. I'm not always going to be there for you. What will you do when I'm gone? There will be a time where we can't talk to each other... Of course, that's a long way from now, but still. I can't be your source of happiness and self worth all the time. How do you think I feel with all that weight on my shoulders? I'm stressed enough as it is. So I need you to detach yourself a bit. Not so much that you're completely independent, but enough that you don't rely on me. I can't always be your life source. This means you'll have to start thinking straight from now on. I'll still be here if you need it, but it'd be nice if we shared the weight."

"Black Mirror, peony, sage, amaranth, snapdragons, and I'm not too sure about games owo;"

I Love You ♥♥♥

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Q. Happy anniversary, babe <3
A. Happy anniversary! That isn't a question but I think the answer is fish owo;
 Jul 16th 2017 08:41

Q. Thank you, love ;w;
A. ^-^;
 Feb 21st 2017 22:20

Latest Comments

Happy two years, baby. I know I've been busy lately. Time almost got the best of me, and I nearly missed today. What kind of boyfriend/husband would I be if I missed a day as important as this?

You mean the world to me, my love <3
Jan 16th 2019 22:15


Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everything has went amazing for you!

Too bad I’m Australian Eh?

Hope everything comes out solid!

(Lmao... Kill me lol.)
Nov 23rd 2018 00:28

It is quite alright!
Oct 22nd 2018 22:46

WOW! I absolutely love your character design and the names and places you can come up with that just make the whole roleplay seem so smooth! Dormiam is so clever!
Oct 21st 2018 22:40

As you wish, my love~
Oct 14th 2018 21:12

Aw, baby.
Jul 14th 2018 23:33

I love you too, baby, to the moon and back <3 (or with all the blood my heart will pump in my entire lifetime ;v;) I haven't talked to you in a YEAR. Sorry, the joke was there~
I hope you had a good New Years, baby <3
Jan 1st 2018 13:58

I love you too, babe ;w;

I'm sorry for being gone for so long without checking in. The teachers decided to cram everything in before break, so it was really stressful ;-;
Dec 23rd 2017 15:05

Happy late Halloween, my lil pumpkin~
Nov 9th 2017 21:56

I never really left, love. I'll always come back for you <3
Oct 25th 2017 22:18