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(Min Yoongi)
26 / Male / Married
Holding Jennie, Korea (South)
Min Yoongi

Loyal Husband

Full-time dad

I feel old ;-;
07-05-19- @JenDeugi- I married this amazing woman~ my queen, my babygirl, my everything~

08-02-19- Min Yunki and Min Seo-ah~ My twin babies~

Latest Questions

Q. no problem, kitten!!
A. ( ◜‿◝ )♡
 Oct 14th 2019 15:58

Q. hyung,, you're cute,,
A. Oh? Thanks ^^
 Oct 14th 2019 15:51

Latest Comments

Depends to who you are nice to
Aug 7th 2019 08:53

Nice is a gift.
Aug 7th 2019 00:22

So still wish you weren't nice?
Aug 7th 2019 00:19

So make me a mistake in your life, right?!
Aug 7th 2019 00:17

Min Yoongi. Think for one f***ing second. If you weren't nice, we would have never met, we would have never dated, we wouldn't be married we wouldn't have two children.
Aug 7th 2019 00:17

My brother is one of those people you have to force emotion out, he's full demon
Aug 7th 2019 00:15

Trust me kitty, he likes you
Aug 7th 2019 00:08

If he didn't like you, we wouldn't be able to get married, he would have killed you.
Aug 7th 2019 00:03

Silly kitty, gguk likes everyone....he's just having a rougher time than everyone else.
Aug 7th 2019 00:02

You are not! What made you think like that?!
Aug 6th 2019 23:59