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(Min Yoongi)
26 / Male / In Love
Loving up on my Omega, Korea (South)
Please call me Yoongi~ Is a sweet boy also very whiny. Don't underestimate him. Is Pansexual and also polyamorous really doesn't like when people ask about his relationships.

~People he cares about~
@Gukie- His sweet and very loving boyfriend who he loves to pieces. Don't touch anything that belongs to him.
@frozenmochi- His very best friend. Loves her very much. Thinks of her as the little sister he always wanted. Hurt her and he'll end you :)
@tomorrow- His other boyfriend who he loves very much

Latest Status

Does anyone else wish there was a way to delete other people's posts that you either a. Don't like b. Just dont care about?
Mood: annoyed
5  9 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. Why do i want to kill you?
A. Um... Idk because maybe you're psycho?
 May 16th 2019 17:17

Q. why can't i call you bitch?
A. Because I'm not one. And I have told you multiple times what sexuality I am
 May 16th 2019 17:01

Latest Comments

Hi cutie!
Thank you for accepting my follow/friend request!
I hope we can be good friends!
Don't be afraid to message me.
I only say this coz I'm to shy to message you frist-
Anyways, have a good day!
May 9th 2019 19:41

May 5th 2019 11:09

Smothers you in kisses
May 5th 2019 11:04

B-buti wove chu so much alpha
May 5th 2019 10:49

Nuuuu I love you more my alpha
May 5th 2019 10:48

I love you so so much to alpha ;)
May 5th 2019 10:45

I love you to baby
May 5th 2019 10:42

You know you can always tell me
May 5th 2019 10:40

If something’s wrong tell me
May 5th 2019 10:31

Hey you okay
May 5th 2019 10:30