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(Nunya Business)
18 / Male / Single
Texas - United States

Names Mateo, pleasure meeting ya stalker!
I’ve been roleplaying for around 4-ish years so I’m no stranger! If you want to know anything about me, all I shall say is that I like video games, anime and drawing.

Roleplay wise, I love a good romance or l*wd roleplay~ And as my name suggests, I’m more more submissive, but I’m also bi! So don’t be afraid to hmu dudes and dudettes! (However, I will not do those types of roleplays with minors, Indint want to catch a case ^•^)

Something I really didn’t want to add because I don’t really like bossing people around but I guess it has to be done.

— Rules —
~ You add me, you send the first message. If I add you, I’ll send a first message. Don't just add me to increase your friend count and never talk :/
~ Please don’t come into messaging with roleplay, it confuses me most of the time
~ Please don’t spam me if I don’t immediately respond. I have a life outside of this website which include a job with long shifts, school, friends, my own personal time and family.

That’s all I shall say for now, goodbye and hope to see ya in messages!~

@Alastor is my demon daddy!~ I’m all his hehe
@Chongyun is the best boi!~

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Indeed I did!~
 Jul 2nd 2021 11:43

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Text me when you're ready to roll play dude
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how are you?
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