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18 / Female / Single and Looking
California - United States
Careful, Quiet...... Can you hear it? It's silent, you can hear thing all around you. You just need to listen for the little things. *flaps my wings and looks all around* I love my wings. My name is Isabel, I have one weakness and that is Cute non-humans and of course there sun light. I am a Dark Angel and I spread Darkness unless I get detracted which happens a lot. My dislikes well the light, happiness, Angels, Sunny days, spiders and pizza. Sorry, I can't eat some stuff Pizza mainly, fried fish, fried chicken, orange juice, cheddar, cake and dark chocolate. I LOVE is non-humans, men, women, humans, flowers, Luna (Moon), Animals, Slaves, Subs, Masters, Dom, the feeling of silk and Play time. (can play as male if needed)

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Q. Alright just wondered. He has a long then with the laptop then
A. I have two brothers
 May 2nd 2018 01:43

Q. Hey are you still there?
A. YES! I'm sorry, it's my brothers turn with the laptop, I will be back online on Saturday
 Apr 29th 2018 02:53

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