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Stuckupbitch's Blog

Reverse slavery

A white stuck up bitch girl is having fun time traveling and upsetting history. Finally the future is drastically changed. She lands in ireland. But its a different history. Whites are now the ones captured in their homelands and shipped to africa, to work in the diamond mines, or for personal ownership.

My character is walking around Ireland as a slave trader ship lands and everyone runs to hide. Wondering what is going on she is easily captured, chained and without her return device! She is taken to the slave auction in africa. There is no going back.history being changed has changed her karma.
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Story ideas

1. Tiffany gets the work promotion you deserved by sleeping with the boss. You plot to expose and humiliate her .

2. After Tiffany is exposed as the office slut, she is fired. She falls on hard times. She is working as a waitress in an open all night diner. You were embarrassed by her in school. You stalk her, plan on get some revenge.

3. Tiffany falsely accused a guy of rape. Ruining his life. Later it is proved she lied. She goes to prison for perjury. She is quickly made the cell block bitch and broken inside.

4. After getting out of prison, Tiffany is depressed, friendless, and a broken woman. You decide to use her mental condition to your advantage . She thinks you are being nice. Her real hell begins.

5. You are a waiter or waitress and Tiffany runs your ass ragged, then complains about you after leaving no tip. After work, you see her on her phone trying to get someone to fix her flat tire in the parking lot. Instead of a ride to safety, you drop her off in a crime neighborhood without her purse and phone.
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Having better results than expected

Apparently there are a lot of ways to deal with a bitch personality, and thankfully many are not sex based. Some ideas from you are really unique. I'm loving it!.
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Hypnosis creates company with ideal employees

I'm so tired of not being myself at work. There is the work me and the real me. I'd be better off being hypnotized to be the perfect employee while at work and not pretend I'm nice. And maybe I won't lose sh*t jobs over my attitude. I'm up for a story about this topic.
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