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(Strife XEO)
25 / Other / Single
United States
Hey all!
Literate Writer: I aim to write lengthy, descriptive paragraphs whenever possible, but I can adjust to different styles and not a stickler about it. Just let me know your writing style and I’d be glad to write with you!
I am a big fan of video games, mainly JRPGs in the realms of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, and a lot of Nintendo games, so if you just want to nerd out and chat about games, I’m up for it!
I’m open to a variety of plot ideas, but please let’s discuss it OOC before jumping into anything.
That’s it! Hope we can have fun writing together!

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Hello! I hope we can make a great story together, pleasure to meet ya!
Apr 6th 2023 14:07