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22 / Other / Single
Arkansas - United States
My mistress @Anna_Frost is my proud owner and I am always ready to serve her. You hurt me she will hurt you twice as much, Mistress is having fun with me.

Dreamer_Lily: is my role playing daughter if you hurt her, hell will be unleashed

AnimeGirl_123: is my Role Please little sister, same thing don't even try to hurt her.

I can role play as/or male or female so don't hesitate!

I'm a gamer who loves comics, anime, and DC/Marvel movies

I would love a Richard Grayson X Avengers.

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Kinda sleepy
2  20 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. Who's your least favourite? Mine's Sanji.
A. I don't have a least favorite straw hat but there are times I dislike Sanji
 Oct 26th 2018 18:47

Q. Who's your favourite of the straw hat pirates? Mine's Brook.
A. Luffy and Nami
 Oct 26th 2018 18:35

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Yes it was fine
11 hours ago

Wait who are you?
Apr 19th 2019 20:32

Apr 19th 2019 20:22

I replied my friend!
Apr 19th 2019 09:03

i replied:
Apr 18th 2019 12:00

i replied to our roleplay!
Apr 18th 2019 10:15

Hey! I replied to our roleplay!
Apr 16th 2019 11:23

I replied to our roleplay my friend!
Apr 15th 2019 11:35

Apr 2nd 2019 18:10

I'll wait for your roleplay reply!
Apr 1st 2019 11:55