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(very smelly )
16 / Female / Married
Kansas - France
Yo yo yo

No one liners, at least a paragraph.
Roleplays must have planning, don't come to me with a starter out of nowhere or roleplay when we should be talking out of character.
Don't expect me to reply immediately, I might take a day or two.
I will only do erp if the roleplay's been going on for long enough, and we both agree on it.
Give me something to work with, both in conversation and roleplay. I'm putting effort in and I expect something in return, not just a "yes" or "I'm alright with anything".
I will fully read your profile and blog before I add you, and I expect you to read mine too. If you break one of these rules, it's not my fault if you're ghosted.

Anyway, I try not to ghost people, but I don't want to yell at you either. Just be nice and I'll be nice too.


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