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StillNotBitten's Blog


Clementine, deep into the apocalypse is a young woman who's managed to stay alive throughout the hardships presented to her in her early years.

The dreadful, post apocalyptic, zombie filled wasteland was her life, and the world as she knew it ever since she was 8 years old.

At first, as a young girl she wound up in the care of a group who only barely had a better idea as to what was going on, then she did.
They kept her alive, but they didn't all make it..
They trifled themselves with arguments, pointless drama and things that only got in the way of survival. But maybe that was just survival itself, wearing everyone down..
But through it all, Clementine, a fast learner, learned how to keep herself alive, using the mistakes that killed others around her, as lessons to keep her going.

Clementine herself faced her hardships.. At just 11 years old she sutured and tended to a flesh tearing dog bite in a cold, damp shed in the middle of the night. Something someone had taught her to do

She managed to survive a mad tyrannical and sadistic leader intent on controlling her, and those apart of one of her group, as forced laborers. And Just a week later, she had survived a rifle shot to the shoulder, adding to her list of scars..

But the challenges of the corpse filled world weren't left to physical affliction.

A woman in Clementines earlier groups, a woman named Rebecca, was pregnant with a baby. Like the others in the group, she died, and Clementine had to end up taking care of the small baby..

Alone, small, young and traumatized..Clementine kept moving forward, pushing through pain hunger and fear, to keep herself, and the small baby she was now responsible for, alive.
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