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19 / Female / Forever Alone
United States
Hi, everybody! I'm Sticks from Sonic Boom. Amy Rose is my best friend! My eyes are blue. So, add me if you want.


Latest Questions

Q. Knuckles, Eggman, Amy, Tails, Sonic, and Shadow.
A. That would be cool
 Jul 14th 2019 12:28

Q. They need to. But they also need to make the characters like their Sonic X counterparts.
A. Really? Which ones?
 Jul 14th 2019 12:26

Latest Comments

I-im fine... You...? (Sorry for late reply)
Sep 4th 2019 03:44

I am okay and you?
Jul 20th 2019 16:20

I'm good you?
Jul 18th 2019 11:01

"Yes look my big pointy ears darling" He laughs
Jul 18th 2019 07:28

I'm just called The Silenced I'm okay I gues, still breathing.. how about you?
Jul 18th 2019 03:46

"that is good to hear"
Jul 17th 2019 19:38

Jul 17th 2019 18:44

Yeah XD My birth month is April
Jul 17th 2019 18:36

Hi, Sticks. I'm Katherine! Doing great and you?
Jul 17th 2019 18:07

Hello, If you would like to roleplay let me know:)
Jul 17th 2019 18:06