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(Sky Star)
17 / Female / Broken Hearted
Kill me, Pennsylvania - United States
✮ Oh hi there stalkers!!✮

( I don’t add people cause I’m so shyyyyy)

✮ My name..? Well you can call my Sky, star, or whatever you want! ✮

✮ I may come off really shy at first or maybe even weird and awkward haha.. I’m not good with introductions. I always worry about what people think about me and I always apologize because I don’t want to hurt anyone ;-;
Buuuuuuuuut, eventually I’ll warm up to you so yeah! So if you just want to have a friend or someone to talk to then well, I’m here to listen and stuff!! ^^ ✮

Also, I do want to role play as well!!! I’m pretty much okay with anything!!

✮If you want to role play a tv show or a movie or a book, I’m not good with role playing as a canon character. It’s better i just use an oc :) ✮

✮ ✮ Important ✮ ✮
I do have some rules so I would appreciate it if you would read them. ^^

Friends ( don’t mess with them or else I’ll go sicko mode lol )

@Redacted he’s the longest friend I’ve had and he’s an adorable ( but creepy at times) little bean ( and he’s hot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) also he’s super creative, talented and great at writing stories!!!

@Irie She’s super caring and so good at putting a smile on everyone’s face. She makes everyone feel loved and always makes me happy :) ( i am innocent btw ) I never roleplayed with her but she is a great writers so I’m sure you’ll enjoy roleplaying with her!

@Kujo he is a DILF…nothing else…pfft- no he’s one of my other besties, he always makes me laugh, and is so caring.

@Deku he’s funny and always posts interesting memes, also he’s kinda silly like me. Oh and I’m his nurse xD

@Echo22 he is my father, sweet and kinda weird but I am too. We are alike in some ways lol

@Fantasy592roleplayer One of besties, he has a big heart as well is very kind

@littlelotte I have no idea if she’s my mom or a good friend….I dunno but yeah she’s great and funny as well!

@Madamecroft even though she may come off scary she does have a heart and she is very caring. ^^

@Monochrome_Jack I accidentally threatened him and I feel bad lol



let’s just get along and spread positivity!!!

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║╔╗║ if you ♥ anime!!

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Okay so I know I’m supposed to come with this on my own but I don’t know what to say. So I need help with my senior quote. Please, help meh. ;-;
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You are one of the most amazing persons I did meet here and I just wanna thank you for sticking around for so long. You really are a great friend, and I really appreciate it
Jan 19th 2022 15:03

we both know you ain't innocent
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