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«Since I have been treated in such a distinct and peculiar way, during my staying in Lianxi, I have seen to organising a tour worth of our special guests.
While WooPil, Gino and Hudie will follow me to a boring tour, the others will have the great opportunity to discover the most thrilling sides of life in Xingxi. It will surely be educational.» He doesn't specify where Qi should go, since there was no interaction between them and he doesn't know if he likes him or not.
Since the King won't be able to meet anyone before the late afternoon and Zuo is still resting, he took the chance to enjoy some revenge.

Also, he is not the descendant of Lani and WuXin.

«You can come with me when you are ready.»
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Few minutes after everyone leaves the room, he opens his eyes. In truth, he was never unconscious for real, he pretended even when he fell from the horse.
It was all a strategy. Once he found that the savages he was after were in the feud, he acted the way he thought would make things the easiest and safest for himself.
He was exhausted and dehydrated for real, so it wouldn't be hard to believe that he collapsed after such a terrible journey. He assumed that people would be much more likely to help him, if they thought he was unconscious, as they'd not perceive him as a threat or an enemy. He knows nothing about the people of the South, it they are hostile or friendly, to begin with. He had to take his chances, in the best way he could.

Pretending to be unconscious while they were all in his room wasn't easy at all. He had to struggle very badly not to react when Jager splashed him with water and, later, when they brought Bai there. He is glad he managed to keep his cover, because while they thought he was passed out, he got the chance to acquire some information, which is also what he wanted.

It was Cloud to send everyone away, when Liu said that they weren't being of help to the health of the kid, and he also had him locked up there, just to be sure. Cloud also proceeded to warn Shigemori of the arrival of that kid and the little they could find out about him so far, like that Bai said he comes from a feud in the north.

WuXing sits up on the bed and gives a quick glance around. His things were taken away and he is only wearing his undergarment — silk, black, long sleeve pants and robe —.
He gets up and approaches the door right away, not surprised to find it locked. It doesn't worry him, he takes some thin, metal needles that are hidden into his hairpin and forces the lock with a certain ease.
Done that, he makes sure there is nobody around and starts to search for his backpack, until he finds it.

Cloud left his things in an empty room of the "hospital". WuXing goes inside and takes his things, then sits on the floor and opens the backpack.
He makes sure that nothing important was removed — Bai ate some of his fishes and he can tell they are missing, but doesn't care — and finally takes one of the whole dry fishes that are left and starts to slowly eat it. Unlike Bai, he doesn't bite it with whole head and bones but tears off tiny pieces, clean.
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The surprises from the North don't end.

It's almost sunset, when the workers outside the walls of Lianxi can see a horse approaching. It's black, with white mane and tail, longer hair than any horses that can be found in thejr lands. It even has long, white hair near the hooves, which makes it stand out even more.
It causes immediate alarm, due to the fact it's the same weird horse breed that the two men, who arrived the other day, were riding. And those two didn't give a good experience to the people.

This time, though, something is different. The bless is moving very slowly towards the mill and it looks as if its rider is not even holding the rains.
When the beast gets close, the person on it slips down and falls on the ground, like lifeless, while the horse proceeds to the river to drink and refresh itself.
The person on the grass is wrapped in a very heavy, thick cloak, which hood is covering his head and most of his face.

The rider has a backpack with him and a very strange compass — that doesn't point the north—, which is tied to his wrist through a thin, colorful band. He also has a knife of him, transparent, that looks like made of glass.
Even if riding a similar horse as the two bandits that arrived before, his clothing and hairstyles are completely different. He wears a typical hanfu, made of silk — but with a second layer below made of thick wool —; he has some jewels on him and a hairpin locking his front wisps behind his head.
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