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(Asriel Dreemurr)
26 / Male / Single
A legendary being, whose own prophecy was self-written. Destined for greatness, endlessly fulfilled. Who can stand in his way? Who can help him? Can you imagine how empty someone who has everything truly is?

//Hi, admin here. Undertale fan, new convert even. I play Hyperdeath Asriel primarily. I can play other variants if reasonably negotiated. I play him as a highly intelligent and bitter, jaded, nearly depersonalized entity driven only by his lust for chaos. To break things, to contort normalcy itself; all in an effort to experience something new. He's cunning, manipulative; and worst of all, often escapes his personhood to the point he believes his own lies. When he's present, there are only tragic conclusions. Worse than that, even? It's going to happen again, and again, and again. His largest weakness is he'll never escape himself.

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Latest Questions

Q. also, would you perfer semi serious, serious, or non serious rp
A. Serious perdominantly but I find Asriel hilarious. As long as the exposition is covered, there is hilarity to ensue.
 Jan 12th 2023 10:39

Q. for my rp, which type of rp would you perfer, canon or fanon
A. We can do an amalgun of both. I try to characterize Asriel closer to canon but I al do take my own personal liberties.
 Jan 11th 2023 22:53

Latest Comments

Jan 11th 2023 22:44

Infinite stopped himself and floated up in the air, with his arms folded. He wasnt going to retaliate. "Is that all? Your as weak as Shadow .."
Nov 1st 2022 10:10

" Your not worth my time..."
Oct 31st 2022 18:10

" On the contrary; I will have you in my grasp when I crush you... "
Oct 31st 2022 12:19

" I know what my objectives are and I know what I will do to get what I want. "
Oct 31st 2022 08:06

" You know nothing about me OR my power and how dare you compare me to that hedgehog! "
Oct 31st 2022 04:05

" I already have all the power I can possibly need. Now my Phatom Ruby is perfected and all prototypes had been destroyed..."
Oct 30th 2022 18:40

Infinite folded his arms and turned to his side with his full attention on Asriel. "What is your proposition?"
Oct 30th 2022 12:58

" You are the one who approached me so YOU are the one who shouldn't get in my way or I will show you no mercy! "
Oct 30th 2022 12:26

" Your threats do not worry me. "
Oct 30th 2022 12:12