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(Margaret Elizabeth Carter)
98 / Female / Single
New York City, United States
/ Until I make a rules blog this will have to do. If you message me I'll assume you've read these!

Firsthand, I DO roleplay as "main Peggy" or the Peggy we all know and love – MCU. I usually mix in comic elements though, seeing as Marvel is well-known to strip characters enhancements when making their live-action counterparts.

- Literate partners ONLY.
- You add, you talk. Same goes for me.
- I strongly prefer to roleplay in third person, but I can do first person if I have to.
- I can and do roleplay dark themes such as: violence, gore, abuse, torture, etc..
- Canons, OCs, I don't care!
- I'm very open to trying new ideas so don't be nervous to run your ideas by me!
- Please give me at least a paragraph so that I have something to work with!
- Absolutely NO SMUT!!! AT! ALL! STOP ASKING!
- That being said, romance is still okay! If things start to get heated we can do a fade-to-black.
- My response time isn't consistent at all, haha. So I really can't tell you how long it'll take me to reply. But if I haven't replied within three days then *please* message me! I have a bad memory, so sometimes I can forget! I also have my reasons sometimes, and I respect that you won't ask. Of course, I'll do the same.
- NO DRAMA! I literally can't express how much I hate it. I'm gonna be blunt with this – I don't care if I'm friends with someone you don't like. I don't know what to tell you. I refuse to be any part of the drama on here. I won't ask and I don't want you to tell me. If I happen to be friends with someone you don't like then please, ignore it or unfriend me... I won't have my experience ruined.

About the admin:
- My name is Maia, but my friends call me Leo or EJ.
- I'm 17 years old.
- I've been roleplaying since I was 11, so I have about 6 years of experience.
- am a gud nudle
- If you want to talk I have discord and a ton of memes.
- Natasha Romanoff is actually my favorite comic book character and I initially wanted to make a Widow account but felt like people wouldn't be interested in roleplaying with me if I had. So here's this! I love Peggy! < 3
- My favorite color is red.
- My favorite TV show is Trailer Park Boys. You get a cookie if you ever quote TPB to me. :3
- I like all sorts of music, but particularly classic rock. My favorite band is Blondie. Another cookie to anyone who sends me a Blondie song.
- If you're sad did I mention I have lots of memes? [:

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' The world has changed, and none of us can go back. All we can do is our best, and sometimes, the best that we can do, is to start over. '
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