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21 / Male / Single
Massachusetts - United States
I wouldn't know what to put here honestly apart from that I love horror movies and any book with scifi and fantasy settings. I'm up for most types of rp as long as Romance is added into the genres.

Rules for rps mainly is that I only want para or longer length replies and third person only.

Latest Status

0  Aug 14th 2019 17:36

Latest Questions

MonaRose asked the question
Q. How the rp so far?
A. good, just taking a small break for the morning since it's 4am here.
 Sep 10th 2018 04:05

Q. I don't mean to keep asking. But are you alright?
A. yes I'm fine, just don't worry and asking if I'm alright <3
 May 28th 2018 11:28

Latest Comments

Sep 12th 2018 02:26

Nice to meet you. Thanks for requesting me. My name's Fate. Nice to meet you.
Jun 22nd 2018 19:42

Sorry I haven't been on a lot, will be on a bunch tomarrow
Mar 25th 2018 00:32

Hey how you doing with your finger? I know it's silly but I am worried. Does it hurt at all?
Mar 15th 2018 06:58

You gonna reply, your posting statuses?
Feb 21st 2018 09:06

Hey stranger. I miss RPing with you.
Jan 24th 2018 06:09

You havent replied and you are posting statuses, it makes me feel like you are ignoring me.
Jan 21st 2018 23:32

Hey there, how's you? Want to continue our rp?
Oct 25th 2016 01:33

Hey there, want to continue our rp?
Oct 21st 2016 03:48

Ok hun *smiles*
Oct 15th 2016 00:02