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StarLightWishes's Blog

Roseanna Lonesky

Age: 21
Height: 5''0
Weight: 120lb
Hair: Long sandy blonde
Eyes: Green
Race: Human
Genre: Steampunk

Born in the city and orphaned at the age of 6 Rose was left to fend for herself with her older brother Aeron. Rose and Aeron made money by helping local mechanics in anyway they could. When they where teens they bought their first Steam Jack and named it Gir. They used Gir in bot fighting but they had played dirty. They would use illegal parts that used arcane mechanica as well as sabotage other Bots. When a big shot bot fighter caught them messing with his Jack they where told to never show their face again in Cygnar or pay with their life.

Aeron and Rose split up as to lessen the chance of getting caught. Rose took Gir with her and became employed by Mister Trapper Boudin and the Boudin Monster Hunting Company. In the time of employment with the Boudin family she adopted a little red head girl named Ann. Shortly after she almost lost her life to a stray grenade thrown by teammate. After recovering from this she began to write letter to her brother and his last known location in attempts to be a family, a better family.

She wanted to become the best Arcane mechanic there was and make an honest living. For now she makes an honest living by being a monster hunter and saving others.
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Ameila Cooper

! Under Construction !

Unknown to the rest of the world the government began taking prisoners and doing cruel experiments to them, resulting in creating mutant like beings. Believing they could use this to their advantage they inserted controlling devices into these experimental mutants and released them onto the world to try to combat overpopulation. The government ended up losing control over the mutants. It isnt exactly clear if the control devices malfunctioned, got knocked out or where removed by the mutants. After losing control of the mutants the government crippled and a apocalypse arose.

Amelia was just 18 years old when she became a live-in Nanny for the Wagner family.

The apocalypse hit when she was 19 years old. Mr & Mrs Wagner, their two children and Amelia all took shelter in the fallout shelter Mr Wagner's father had build. They lived there and survived there for a year while Mrs Wagner was pregnant with her third child. Amelia delivered the child but due to complications Mrs Wagner died. A year later Mr Wagner, his three children and Amelia where made aware of a fallout that was taking survivors. They made their way to the shelter, they where attacked leaving the only survivors to be Amelia and the youngest child, a girl named Ryann. Amelia and Ryann made it to the shelter, a small town covered into a safe haven by a man who called himself Vex. Amelia and Ryann spent four years with other survivors and Vex in their own home. Amelia started referring to Ryann as her daughter, and as she grew she made sure Ryann knew about her late siblings and her parents. One night the safe zone was broken into by the mutants, a lot of the residents died and Amelia almost lost her life fighting to keep Ryann safe. Ryann was taken by the mutants. Vex spent the next few days taking care of Amelia and the last few surviving residents until they all where healthy again. Vex, having made a connection to Ryann as her uncle went out to find Ryann, leaving Amelia in charge of his safe haven. The last few residents did not believe in Amelia's ability to keep them safe and they all left, leaving only her to defend the small town. Amelia would spend her days taking care of the small town as well as adventuring into other towns for supplies, sending out messages over the CV radio to other survivors. Vex has stopped giving updated with his radio to Amelia. It has now been a year since her herd from Vex and is now 26 years. Ryan would be 5 years old now.
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Anan Tod

Name: Anan Tod

Age:2,020 years old

Eyes: Crimcon Red

Hair: Raven Black

Height: 4'10

Weight: 120lbs

Race: Vampire, Human Hybrid


Anan Tod was born from a family who only wanted to use her for her power. But when she was born she seemed to have no great power. Her brother however seemed to have a lot of it and was promising. As so her parents dropped her off in the middle of the woods and left her to die. Anan came across a cave and some snow wolves took her in as their own.

At the age of 10 Anan was found in those woods by a child named Zith, who was one year younger than she was. Zith took her to his uncle, the king of New Generation. King Red of New Generation was just going to pass young Anan off to some lower family in the kingdom but Zith threw a fit and proclaimed that one day he was going to marry this girl. So she had to stay here in the castle with him. King Red allowed this and so he adopted her as his niece. So many years she played with Zith and grew with Zith. So many years King Red taught her about her powers and how to use them correctly. For seven long years Anan's adventures in New Generation lasted.

When Anan had reached the age of 17 years old King Red at given Anan her own land to rule over. This is when the rumors began about her and her kingdom. Anan named her kingdom Esylin and when she had given it its name the land turned from spring to summer. And as long as Anan was queen the land stayed summer. All except its border. The border around Esylin was always spring.

At the age of 18 Anan met the love of her life, he had happened to just be passing through Esylin, seen a castle and wished to strike an alliance with its queen. At the age of 19 Jayce Knight, a shadow demon and Anan Tod got married. At the ripe age of 20 Anan had her first set of twins. Born as demon wolf pups Jayce named the black and red pup Hero, and the black and purple pup Leo. Six months later Anan gave birth to her second set of twins. Both born as demon wolf pups Anan named the black and green pup October, and the black and blue pup Snow. At the age of 25 Jayce Knight claimed that he needed to take the boys to study abroad and teach them how to use their demon wolf powers correctly. He claimed that it was to dangerous for them to study there and did not want Anan and the girls to get hurt. So Jayce Knight left with Hero Knight and Leo Knight.

Soon after that Esylin would either get attacked by Karakiyo, the Shadowhive or King Zith (I) would drag Esylin into a stupid war. At the age of 27 Anan grew sick of this and put a magical barrier around Esylin. No one could hear or see anything from the inside and from the outside it all just looked like ruins of a kingdom. After King Zith (I) passed away Anan took down the barrier. It was then that Anan showed herself to King Zith (II), from then on that when a new descendant was from Zith (I)'s line Esylin would either be attacked or dragged into another war.

At the age of 38 October and Snow had just turned 18. October begged her mother to allow her to become apart of the Karakiyo army and train with them. Snow begged her mother for an arranged marriage as she read to many books on true love and wanted ever so badly to find her true love. Anan arranged for October to join King Zith (II)'s army and created a piece treaty with King Zith (II) that if he could find her a husband worthy enough out of his descendants that the wars would stop. At the age of 19 the girls set out for Karakiyo.

Anan watched from Esylin as October fell in love, got engaged and then attacked her lover out of anger. October's lover had cheated on her. Anan watched as October drove herself mad over the affair and vanished into thin air going missing for years. But it was said that if you where a male and you happened to come across October, you died. If you where female and left October a bottle of booze out in the woods that she would take it and search to see if your lover was cheating. If your lover was found cheating they would die. But if they were found faithful and was a man they barely got away with an inch of their life.

Anan watched Snow court with many of Ziths descendants but none of them hitting the mark that they needed. For 2000 years Ziths descendants either attacked Esylin or drug it into war with them. At the age of 2038 she watched Snow fall in love with one of Ziths descendants whose last name was Versina. Together they went on an adventure to deepen their love and find Snow's sister and bring her home.

At the age of 2039 Anan watched Snow get married to the Versina boy, and with that she stepped down from her place as queen and gave it to Snow. The moment that the arm ring to respersent her postion as queen was put on Snow the lands of Esylin began to snow, all of corse accept the borders. The border of Esylin stayed spring. And forever after the lands of Esylin was winter. Sadly on the very same day that her daughter Snow got married she watched her child become impaled, and heart-broken. She watched Snow use her demon wolf form for the second time in her life and had to heal her.

And at the age of 2041 Anan finally got to see Jayce Knight, Hero Knight and Leo Knight, and hold them all in her arms again.
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October Knight

! This RPC is under construction !

October is the 3rd youngest child of Anan Tod and the older twin of Snow Knight. She was born from a vampire human hybrid and a demon wolf.

Right away October knew that her rule in life was to serve in the army of the Karikyo kingdom and become a general for Esylin. October and her sister Snow was shipped off to Karikiyo kingdom, the kingdom that belonged to Anan's childhood sweetheart Zith.

October joined and excelled in the Karikiyo Army and soon met a boy who excelled in it as well. Siler and October soon became engaged with the permission of king Zith of course.

Nearing their wedding day everything was fine until word came to October that Siler was cheating. Pursuing this rumor she found it to be true and changed for the worse. October called off the wedding.

October then went missing leaving her sister to take on the rule as queen of Esylin. In her time missing October became a drunk and was very evil. She lured men to their deaths by seducing them.

After it became apparent that October's actions where a problem for the Knight family Snow went out on one of the biggest adventures of her life to find her sister. She did so and brought her back just in time to see Snow get married off to one of Ziths descendants.
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Snow Versina-Knight

! This RPC is under construction !

Snow is the youngest child of Anan Tod and Jay Knight. She was always a sweet girl who had an addiction to sweets. She never had any desire to be queen or hold any position in Esylin. Snow read way to many books about true love. Snow was quite found if finding her true love to the point that she begged her mother to give her an arranged marriage.

Anan sent word to the Karikiyo kingdom who agreed to shelter her until they found a descendant of Zith worthy for her love. After years of waiting she found her liking in one of the descendants who seemed to like her back.

Together they went on an adventure that deepened their love to find Snows sister. After getting home from their adventure they had a week to get married.

On the day of the wedding as they where leaving the Chapel a spell claimed her new husband that made him stab her with a spear through the chest. Not being human it was going to be a lot harder to kill her and in self defense she killed him. If she hadn't he would of killed her.

After healing Snow was heart broken and scared killing what she thought was the love of her life. Surprisingly October became very helpful in the situation helping her sister heal and helping her prepare for becoming queen of Esylin.

Snow, now queen of Esylin looks for caster of the spell that triggered her love to harm her and sheilds her heart from anyone not being able to trust others.
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