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Non, Non - United States
About me? Well where do I begin? Somewhere I suppose.. but to start please call me Star for short if you'd like! I've been role playing very quite some time but it doesn't make me much a veteran, rather I'm probably just a good as the next guy but I do try my best.

Personal details aren't so important after all we're all here to role play as someone other than our self! But well stick around and become a friend of mine! I'm not actually that old believe it or not.

Please don't let the size and scope of this introduction spook you! Please don't be afraid to text in as I roleplay more than just My Hero Academia.

(~Small things about me~)
I enjoying watching anime, studying history and geography, avid grand strategy game player, love VRchat, writing, and talking to name a few. I do have a job so I can be often busy!

If I sound interesting well.. hey stop by shoot a request, let's talk or create! See ya around!
Accessing Government GRCWAQ Introduction. Governmental Research into Cataclysmic or World Altering Quirks.


Welcome to GRCWAQ! A government branch dedicated to research and keeping a watchful eye on quirks and keeping humanity safe.

Founded during the advent of quirks appearing around the globe by the United Nations, spearheaded by Japan, Russia, United States, and Europe. Since their founding this branch has spent years studying quirks on how they came to be! With their headquarters in Tokyo, Japan where quirks are used daily in a new profession.. one thought childish.. superheroes.

-File still being updated-

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Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Indeed I do now!
 Jan 25th 2023 00:30

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Hi thank you for your greeting! Its nice to meet you.
Jan 28th 2023 11:14

Awww, you're really sweet for the greeting! Thank you for accepting my request and I look forward to writing with you!
Jan 26th 2023 10:27

Nice to meet you friend! We can chat more now if you'd like, I have so much time on my hands when I'm not rummaging through trash to find treasures!
Jan 25th 2023 01:50