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❝Hello HR, who's ready for some gross misconduct?❞

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Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. "I mean- uh... Not too hard to figure out. Thanks though!"
 Oct 15th 2021 15:50

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"Well, I guess I won't kill you... Far too pretty to die... I have an idea." He walked behind her and undid her restraints, quick to drag her off to a different room.
Nov 1st 2021 21:38

"Ah... Obedient little thing, aren't you?" He chuckled and released her slowly.
Nov 1st 2021 21:19

SMACK. Suddenly a gloved hand came across her face as the other grabbed her by the neck. "Care to repeat that?" He growled lowly at her.
Nov 1st 2021 21:08

"And she wakes!" Ghosty teased as he lowered his camera. He walked to her and placed her glasses on her face. "You have such pretty green eyes..." He took her chin in his hand to look her face over.
Nov 1st 2021 20:59

The young woman was suddenly hit over the head with a bat.

She would wake up in an old warehouse with her hands tied behind her back to a metal pipe. It was cold and dark.

Ghostface was sitting in a chair, taking pictures of the unconscious and bruised albino.
Nov 1st 2021 20:41

"It's called The Operator Symbol. I guess however you're seeing them, it tells you that he's watching me or whatever."
Oct 18th 2021 11:26

"Is it like a circle with an X through it?" Brian asked, drawing the symbol in the air with his gloved finger.
Oct 18th 2021 06:58