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25 / Female / Single
Missouri - United States
If you happen to read my profile intro, thank you for visiting! If you’re looking for a person write with long term, that’s what I’m looking for ☺ I really want to get lost in my stories!

On the top of my head some themes I’m interested in using would be…

Arranged Marriage Romance (I’m a sap for romance!)

Test Subject escapes from a government facility and finds herself on YC’s doorstep

Then some general pairing themes

Vampire or Werewolf X Human Hunter’s Son

Celebrity X Non fan / Songwriter

Rich man/woman X Poor man/woman

Assassin X Royalty (I’m interested in playing the assassin or royalty)

Male/Female Native X Male/Female Settler (Historical fiction or fantasy)

Survivor X Survivor (Thinking plane crash or shipwreck)

Roommate/Friend X Roommate/Friend (Casual slice of life romance)

Time Traveler X Local of the time period (I happen to like historical fiction, so if you do too hit me up)

Pirate X Prisoner for ransom (really craving this one for some reason)

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Working on replies as soon as I get home!
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