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2  Sep 16th 2021 23:16

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HARLEY asked the question
Q. “I hear talk you got a pretty sweet song in’ voice.”

Harley was all smiles.

“I been told I’m pretty musically gifted myself.” No one had ever said that. Not once. “Ya know what! We should form a band! I’ll play the xylophone and the harmonica!”
A. Gwen chuckled as she handed both to Harley "Well let's see you give it a try Harley. I guess I have a good voice but you know I've been thinking about quitting it all and running far away."
 Jul 4th 2021 21:46

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. "Yes I do know thank you."
 May 31st 2021 16:20

Latest Comments

" Hey Gwen ." He smiles a little and nods. " You okay?"
Sep 14th 2021 16:50

"I know i'm probably the last person to talk to but i just wanted to check and see how you are doing . "
Sep 14th 2021 02:58

" If you tell me you are . I don't feel like lying to someone who is a detective . He might come after me for that ."
Jul 28th 2021 20:49

" See i'm not the only one that care's . There are other people that does. He was worried about you also and reached out towards me."
Jul 28th 2021 20:36

"That can't be possibly true . What about that one guy named Casey? He noticed you been gone for a while. He was worried just a little bit . I may care a lot but that's because you are stuck with me."
Jul 28th 2021 20:24

" Because Gwen unlike some people , i am actually someone who cares to make sure you are okay and not hurting ."
Jul 28th 2021 20:00

" Oh please what date. Plus if you was okay then i wouldn't have to keep checking on you also i feel as if someone could be lying "
Jul 28th 2021 19:38

" Gwen you home " He peeks in . " I want to make sure you are okay and see if you need anything . I just wanted to know if you are okay and that if you needed anyone to talk to . I missed you and i'm sorry i didn't answer back at all .I'm still here and you know you are stuck with me . I don't want to loose you ."
Jul 28th 2021 19:18

" Hey Gwen you okay ?"
Jul 24th 2021 14:34

" You are welcome Gwen. I told you im always here if you need anyone and you're stuck with me ."
Jul 17th 2021 19:44