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(Rekka Hanatani)
19 / Male / Single
The third child of the Hanatani family, Rekka, now known as Shichimi, was always wanting to help his brothers, and father with there firework business, however, he was never as gifted, or as bright as them, and caused a fire, his father berated him severely, and at a young age, he ran away from home, no one stopping him, as eventually he was found a bear, a teacher, a ninja. He had no supernatural talents, but was taught tricks, and the fire arts, arts that needed no magical help, but ones he could use himself with some oil, and fire.

Becoming the Shinobi of Skills for him was a cake walk, he made many little specialty weapons made for himself, explosive kunai, paper bombs, and many combinations of more potent oils, to breath fire at opponents. However, despite his youth, and abilities, he's always been disappointed unlike his fellow ninjas that he isn't special, he's just a normal fox who uses cheap tricks to get an upper hand. He has to get creative to keep up with others, and by hook, or by crook he always aims to win. Especially when it comes to gambling, as he's a known cheater.

(If you wanna learn more about the verse, I'll gladly tell you more about it!)

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