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(Charles Bartowski)
22 / Male / Single

-- If you want my discord, just ask
-- I have some plots. We can do roleplay with them please read them
-- If you don't respond in 5 days, I will remove you from my page
-- I don't like to write just one-line in roleplay
-- Türkler varsa yazabilirler

You can be any character as your original character. You can be a giant or a tiny. You can be male or female

Plot - Size changing- you will have a tiny man

This roleplay about a man whose length is too small like 4 inch doll-sized man and your character who has a normal size ordinary people
You can act as your own character. This is free for you. I have just few limits.

One day, (my character) was at the cafe. He was drinking coffee alone. There was just somebody in the restaurant. (my character) suddenly became to shrink on the floor until size of 4 inch and impossible to turn back for him. Then (your character) notice toy-sized my character on the floor.......

I can play with female, male, etc... I have actually a few limits. I can talk about them.

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Of course
 Aug 1st 2020 13:41

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I like you, too! ^^
Aug 2nd 2020 07:50