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SpeedDemon83's Blog

Calix Caine Bio

Name Calix Caine
Nickname Cal
Designation Demon
Job College Student
DOB 3-21-98
Height 6’4”
Build Lean
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Blue
Mode of Transport Wings or Teleporting or his Hayabusa
Weapon of Choice his sword or his claws
Hobbies Chess, Crosswords, Skateboarding, Pool
Calix plays WR/DB and wants to go to Law School. His pre-law studies are History and Criminal Justice. He plans to either become a District Attorney or a police officer with his degree. He is in the closet about being bisexual. He is a bit of a player but doesn’t fear commitment. He spends what little free time he has at skateparks or playing pool.
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1 | 0 Comments | Aug 5th 2022 17:32