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(Amena Barakat)
15 / Female / Single
London, Ontario, Canada
Hey there! Feel free to call me by my name (Amena) or Hatter which some of my older online friends call me.

I used to roleplay quite a lot for years until I was hit by some stuff that caused me to lose interest and the motiviation to make time for it, however I'm back now and ready to get back into it.
The reason I say this is just to let you know, yes I'm decently familiar with how roleplaying works but I do still need time to get used to it again.

Onto a few interests- I do generally prefer fantasy/supernatural/horror/mystery and such like that as main genres when I roleplay. Romance isn't a huge main of mine for some reasons I don't find necassary to mention at the moment- however I'm perfectly fine with including it. I'm also perfectly fine with doing realistic or slice of life rp's.

A few other roleplaying interests I have would include: Sci-Fi, Post-apocalyptic and war themed roleplays.

About 1 on 1 rp's-
These may take me a bit longer to reply to and I may not participate in many of these as they make me quite a bit more nervous than I already am so if I do decide to do a private or 1 on 1 rp with you please bare with me as it takes me time to first think up a proper response and secondly to get over how nervous I may be.

Roleplaying preferences- Though I'm okay with doing 6 paragraph replies or a sentence or two I do prefer to keep my responses anywhere around a paragraph or two (more if I'm using more than one character).
I also prefer roleplaying be written in third person as it's just what I'm used to, I can make exceptions once in a while though it just makes me a little uncomfortable.

Random info about me-

I'm a Capricorn (incase you're into astrology or such)
I'm in my first year of highschool so I'm not always available 24/7 and on top of that I have 7 siblings I have to help take care of as the eldest.

(For now that's all I'll keep here till I get back into this site properly. Once that happens I'll update this with a neater layout and more information.)

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