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Soulswatch's Blog


-Has brown hair,wears a skull mask,red eyes,wears a violet robe.


Altova has a soul consuming ability which denies the souls to get to the after life when consumed and also power up his shadow abilities. This ability made him an enemy of the reapers that have sworn to eliminate him to bring balance back into the world.
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2.Web Shifter(Kevin Williams)

Looks:has a brown hair,wears a violet hoodie,black gloves,brown jeans,and brown shoes


Dislikes:Positive People



When Kevin was little he was the smartest kid in the class enough reason for his classmates to envy him.One day Kevin got called out to get to the roof of the school at midnight Kevin agreed but not because he's scared that something might happen to him if he didn't go,it was simply "curiousity".When Kevin got up the roof of the school one of his classmates quulickly knocked him up and tied him to a chair in the library,there they got a book that was hidden inside it says some kind of ritual but they took it as a joke and said the ritual while standing near Kevin.A few moments later some giant spider legs got up beneath Kevin's floor.His classmates ran away leaving him behind.Kevin was scared and was shaking very badly,there the spider demon offered him help to get back to his classmates for revenge in exchange of his body,Kevin's personality got changed quickly and he murdered his classmates that very night.Kevin's classmates was found covered in web the next day.
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1.Troy Wilkenburgh

Looks:has a brown hair, wears a red scarf,blue jacket,tattered jeans,brown boots

Likes:Honest People,sleeping,sweet foods


Personality:Relaxed,Has some trust issues,Cold hearted


Troy lives on a zombie apocalyptic world where he met some friends, but one day while Troy went out to search for food a horde of zombie went in their base that's when his other friend shot the legs of the others for his escape.When Troy came back he saw and killed a couple of zombies that were left in their base,there he finds his friends infected with a hole on their legs,he quickly killed them and when he noticed that one of his friends went missing he already knew what happened.Troy ran away as far as possible and found an abandoned house,there he lives his entire life living alone.
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