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Sorrynotsorry's Blog

My kinks ;)

There is one way to find out right?

Hint: Seduction, teasing ;)
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4 | 1 Comment | Sep 16th 2020 04:25

Ana Montoya

Character Information

⊸Name: Ana Brenda Montoya
⊸Nickname | Alias: Anita
⊸Gender: Female
⊸Sexuality: Bisexual, more male lean
⊸Grade: graduated at Harvard

Physical Traits

⊸Height: 5'5
⊸Weight: 122 lbs.
⊸Breast Size: D-Cup
⊸Butt Shape: Heart Shaped

《◊ Background Information ◊》

⊸ Personality: Ana has a hard personality, she might look like she is sweet but you have no idea what she is like. She is direct, teasingly and a boss.

⊸Backstory: She grew up alone, thinking she didnt had family. After 20 years a male came in her kife and she found out that he was her brother. Thats @MANBUN. Since then she had in her life that she cared alot about.

In her youth she, once was with her parents to a fair. It was night and they were poor. All of the sudden a group of boys came and killed her parents. They shot her dad, slid the throat of her mother and raped her. From that moment she has changed and never met anyone that could show her that men are not the same.

Ana decided to get a company that now is very important to the country. She has a logistics company that works for the government.

Meanwhile Ana never got her revenge on her rapist and murders of her parents. She is in fight with them and she will find them and kill them.
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2 | 0 Comments | Sep 13th 2020 05:18

My rules

These are my set of rules before you roleplay with me, you fail, I might've you another change. Or else I'm deleting.

♡ About N.sfw: I will do it if the characters have chemistry.. and if it's not only about smu.t

♡ I roleplay para to multi para. Once I notice you rp short I'll do the same or ask of you could write more.

♡ If I haven't responded, please be patient! I'm human and have a life outside of my account, plus I'm in college. Spam makes me wanna block you, so try to be respectful of that.

♡ If you have any triggers, let me know so we can both be comfortable in the roleplay! If you're only an er#tic acc you probably won't be accepted.

Those are all my rules but more will be added based on my roleplay experiences. To let me know you've read these and accept them, by telling your favorite color.
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6 | 5 Comments | Sep 13th 2020 04:09