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(Sonic The Hedgehog)
28 / Male / Single
Mobius , Indiana - United States
Hi Guys I'm Sonic. You May Know Me From Sonic The Hedgehog Games, Shows And Movies And I'm The Fastest Thing Alive And My Best Friends Are Tails, Knuckles, Silver, Amy, Sally And Cream And My Enemies Are Dr. Robotnik, Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles, Tails Doll, Zavok And Chaos And My Evil Counterpart Is Scourge The Hedgehog And My Favorite Ship Is SonEXE And My Crushes Are Sonic.exe, Zonic The Zone Cop, Shadow The Hedgehog And Scourge The Hedgehog And My Brother Is Knuckles. #Rp And #Gay

Latest Questions

Q. Hmm...Didn't i kill you?
A. Yes But I Came Back Within Three Days
 Apr 19th 2019 20:05

Latest Comments

EXE Smiles
Apr 21st 2019 21:50

He smiles and hugs him
Apr 21st 2019 21:03

“That’s nice of you man.”
Apr 21st 2019 20:54

He smiles still not saying anything
Apr 21st 2019 20:50

He blushes even more
Apr 21st 2019 20:48

“Thanks?” He says blushing
Apr 21st 2019 20:47

He looks at him. “Okay.” He says
Apr 21st 2019 20:45

He looks at him confused. “...I’m sorry what?”
Apr 21st 2019 00:10

“What is it?” He asks
Apr 20th 2019 19:44

“What have you been up to?” EXE leans against a tree and taps his foot
Apr 20th 2019 11:40