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(Lernaean Hydra)
36 / Female / In Love
Lernaean, Ancient - Greece
An all-In kinda writer; sex, violence, day to day are all okay based on the RP. I love world-building and play female/male characters with equal zeal.

I love to pull people into intricate worlds to let them explore, can switch main characters on a dime (if needed), will happily play multiple chara's or just one, and will generally RP with those just starting out or Lifers.

I accept all sorts of wild ideas, happy to entertain them even if they are out of my wheelhouse. I adore meeting others and trying out all sorts of settings. I will happily make a chara based on preference if asked politely.

Not interested in (One line only/ Canon Charas/ IRL Romance)

(Personal Info)
Married to my writing & collared in real life, none of which matters here. I have been Roleplaying since I was 13 & user rooms were a thing. I love to write so let's plan something out or toss a post my way.

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Thanks really appreciate it I tend to worry about people I don't know so just take your time friend
Oct 1st 2022 00:11

You're quite welcome and sorry if I bothered you any
Sep 30th 2022 23:45

Sep 30th 2022 17:54