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18 / Male / In a Relationship
Not open to share, Missouri - United States
Hi! I'm here to have a great time doing pg-13 furry roleplays with characters my friend has drawn for me! I'm basically open to try almost any type of roleplay anyone has set in mind. Just tell me the basic idea of what you want and I'll try to roll with it to the best of my ability!

I do have some rules/Boundaries, which are:

-no explicit intimate relations with characters
-no incest
-definitely no minor/adult relationships between characters that aren't purely platonic or familial.
-I'm fine with gore and psychological horror, but please no bodily excrements (ex:feces and urine) and no consumption of said excrements.

If you try to ignore any of these rules/boundaries, I will both unfriend and block you.
But, otherwise, I am happily looking forward to role-playing with anyone who's interested in doing so with me!

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