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(GM Fanboy)
16 / Male / Forever Alone
United States
I'm SomeOrdinaryGuy, and I've been on this site for more than 3 years, I really have only one rule, and really it's just that I refuse to do er0tic roleplaying, to me it's uninteresting and I'm not on this site for anything er0tic . I prefer to do forum/group roleplays, but 1-on-1 roleplaying is fine with me,

If I were to do roleplaying from a series, I'd prefer to do a side story type of roleplaying, we play our own characters, I don't mind if you're one of the characters, but I'll definitely be playing as my own, or probably not, I don't know

Some Quotes I like

“Anywhere can be paradise as long as you have the will to live." - Yui Ikari from End of Evangelion, 1997.

"I'm not as impatient as you are, I can wait for humanity to learn and grow!" - Amuro Ray in Char's Counterattack UC 0093, 1988.