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19 / Male / Single
Hey! The name is Okumura, I am a third year student at Seidou high, I am pleased to meet you! I shall tell a bit more about myself, even though I dislike being in the spotlight. First of all, I am gay. I prefer to flirt with guys, so please keep that in mind. Secondly, I love baseball. I am the catcher, my goal is to make the pitcher look good, and make sure I catch every single ball, I may not get the glory at the end of the day. But that is fine by me.

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Hm? What do I think of Sawamura? *cough* Bakamura *cough* He is way too loud.. However.. I suppose he's cute, a good pitcher aswell.. I-I suppose I can't complain
0  Jan 11th 2019 06:17

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