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SoftDomTrixMistress's Blog


Will update this later
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Louise Morningstar

Hi I’m Louise Morningstar devil herself

Name: Louise


Occupation: cosplay, butler , servant , stripper

Info: Louise is baby devil herself she was adopted by her adoptive parents while birth parents were drug addicts having to navigate world independently from being stripper, cosplay , butler , playing b*sm latex and dungeons servant helping individuals that want to be helped learning later she’s spawn of devil herself causing Choas with criminals and other mortals for fun pitting against each other occasionally visit hell to give soul a welcome ease path in death doing paperwork usually enjoys spending time with family and friends tries to be productive in hard work.

Personality: quiet , mysterious, tough , fiesty , fighter , playful

Sexuality: pan leans more towards guys and girls , poly , into open relationships , lgbt friendly

R/S: Single

18 + dark mature theme supernatural horror and modern horror romance slight sfw

Do not try to control or tame I prefer being wild and rebel

Mxf , fxf , fxnb , fxt

No rape

No blackmail

No ageplay 15 or over the 18 above

No pedo

No furry unless neko or Kitsune

Don’t be a**hole ,dhole

Be open minded respectful , mindful

I don’t have to talk to you if I don’t want to save us both time remember choice

I believe is equal regardless of sex or gender I’m supportive

If you don’t like my method

- unfriend you - simple move on

Mistress x pet

Devil x human

Babysitter x cilent

Nurse x patient

Stripper x cilent

Hookup can happen
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Ezra Nom moon

Will update this later
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Amy Sohyong

Will update this later
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Mina Petrova vampire diaries oc

Name: Mina petrova


Age: 23

Vampire age: 7 years

Occupation: makeup artist , model

Descendants: Katherine petrova

Bloodline: elena Gilbert

Species: Doppleganger , human , vampire

Friends: kluas, Damon , Stefan , Matt , Rebecca , Caroline , elena , Elizabeth Forbes , Nadia , Silas , Tessa , kol , Marcel , Elijah , Haley , cami , Davina , Bonnie , Shelia , Tyler

Enemies: Finn , ester , Mikael , aurora , papa tunde, Celeste , Mason

Info: Mina is descendants of Katherine petrova and elena bloodline living in California moving to mystic falls making friends with Elena , Caroline , Bonnie four girls were best of friends until Stefan step into elena life was drawn Damon as friend finding out about supernatural world of vampire seeing death and destruction seeing Stefan binge as ripper scared her off become distant with everyone focused high school and college suddenly Katherine turns up mentions Mina she is descendants Petrova bloodline they become friends becomes useful to Katherine meet half sister Nadia visiting New Orleans hearing originals visit them at french quarter being friends with Marcel , Elijah Rebecca , kol is more attracted to kluas.

Personality: fighter , fiesty , kind , sweet

Hobbies: working out at the gym, meditation , running, hiking , reading , travelling around the world.
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