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18 / Other / Single
Georgia - United States
Up for pretty much anything. Can do any reply length from one-liners to multi-para, depending on the Roleplayer and the Roleplay itself. I'm semi-literate, don't really care what you are as long as you can speak comprehensible English.

I don't discriminate or anything so everyone is welcome to friend me. While I do reserve the right to unadd you if you creep me out, I doubt that will happen much, if at all.

Continue reading below for extra info. It definitely isn't necessary but it will provide more insight and context for our (possible) endeavors. I suggest reading it if you end up adding me.

Admin is male, though I almost exclusively play as women. The closest to a male I'm willing to play as is a trap/femboy. Moreover, I almost exclusively like to Roleplay with female characters - it doesn't matter to me what your gender is in real life as long as you can play a convincing woman.

Q: Why did I name my profile "Socrates?"
A: I like Philosophy and ancient Greek/Roman culture.

I'm up to play pretty much any genre including Fantasy, Medieval, Slice of Life, Video Game (taking the plot/setting of a video game and applying it to RP, such as SAO or Pokemon), Adventure, and more. Romance/Ero are a bit of a rocky road for me. Sometimes I'm in the mood to just snuggle and be all wholesome, other times I wanna be a total ass slut. It really just depends on my mood so, if I leave you hanging during the middle of a steamy scene, just message me and I'll explain why. I'm also mainly sub, though there are some instances where I don't mind being the dom. Do keep in mind, though, that my "dominant" side is more just a motherly/maternal personality. You'll be called lots of childish nicknames and I'll expect lots and lots of lap cuddles if that's the case.

Q: Why is your profile labeled as "Other" if you're a biological dude?
A: I dunno. I've always felt more feminine than masculine, but I feel as though my mindset doesn't exactly conform to the standard societal definition of a "transgender" person. Being an "Other" seemed like a good middle ground, as I don't want to mislabel myself or confuse others.

Last but not least, please don't come to me "in character." I honestly have nothing against people who are very devoted to their RP career but it can get a little confusing. I promise you that, if you don't want to small-talk, we can just discuss a quick Roleplay plot and hop right into it all. :)

Q: Wait a minute... You only like to play as women and you only play with other female characters? Are you sexualizing lesbians??
A: No, I promise. I have been attracted to some men in my lifetime but, as I grew older and more mature, it became apparent to me that men were better off as just friends, for both my sake and theirs. Additionally, I've come to realize that many males in RP come off as that stereotypical anime character of "pushes-glasses-up-nose-and-laughs-while-teleporting-behind-you." Very cliche and cringey.

Oh, and I promise I'm more palatable in DMs. ♡

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