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(Silence Scout)
21 / Male / Single and Looking
Illinois - United States
"I am a scout by the silenced clan.... this path has been a difficult one... but with a hostile environment... we do what we can...
This world is dead.... we know this and keep to ourselves... corruption stalks outside our perimeter... there must be others out there... I hope to believe... but, that hope is also what I fear...- END OF TRANSMISSION
(( Hello I am the author of this account and Welcome! I do rp Rookie and Mickey from halo, fallout, and a fav lost planet. This is not a real account and Silenced is not a OC in my book since hes a character I write about as a story writer ^^. I am happy to rp from any fandoms or OC's just be patient I do have a life outside like everyone so I'll respond as soon as I can ^^ hope to talk with all of you soon! ^^))

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!)
Bino rushed with a map in hand as she dropped everything on the table. Kilo looked at the stuff confused, "what is all this?" Bino looking innocently responded, "well... its the season of the bird! Ya know!" Kilo looked at her "we live in an a ruins..." "come on Kilo!" She pleaded "just this once! Pwease??" He sighed looking at her map "fine... I'll get my bow.." he went over taking the bow off
Mood: thankful
2  Nov 26th 2020 23:19

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thank you for sending me a friend request! I hope we can rp soon!
Sep 13th 2018 01:08