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(Silence Scout)
20 / Male / Single and Looking
Illinois - United States
"I am a scout by the silenced clan.... this path has been a difficult one... but with a hostile environment... we do what we can...
This world is dead.... we know this and keep to ourselves... corruption stalks outside our perimeter... there must be others out there... I hope to believe... but, that hope is also what I fear...- END OF TRANSMISSION
(( Hello I am the author of this account and Welcome! I do rp Rookie and Mickey from halo, fallout, and a fav lost planet. This is not a real account and Silenced is not a OC in my book since hes a character I write about as a story writer ^^. I am happy to rp from any fandoms or OC's just be patient I do have a life outside like everyone so I'll respond as soon as I can ^^ hope to talk with all of you soon! ^^))

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Grobot asked the question
Q. hi wanna rp?
A. Sure ^^ send me a starter ^^
 Dec 23rd 2016 14:39

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My name is Sticks. How are you?
Jul 17th 2019 12:39

thank you for sending me a friend request! I hope we can rp soon!
Sep 13th 2018 01:08

hey uh sorry bout be mad i just have bad mood
Dec 30th 2016 07:13