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RIDING YOUR DAD'S, DICK <3 (/hj) - United States
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Hello hello, dearest stalker! My name is Tezz and my pronouns are he/they, though I prefer they/them. I have been roleplaying for around seven years.
Currently, I do mxm, mxnb, mxf, and I just started with fxf roleplays. I am mostly experienced in mxm, but I am willing to try others in hope of improving my writing skills.

Also, If I have sent you a request and you denied and I sent another one- This is completely unintentional. I dont have the best memory so I dont always remember who I send a request to-

I am quite literate and try to type a minimum of two paragraphs (unless the other person prefers more or less) I can write up to twenty (Though it can be a bit more rare for me to write that much, I have before ^^") if I am in the right mood. I understand if you are having a hard day or you are facing writers block, so a short reply here or there doesn't bother me, but if your replies are constantly short, I will grow bored. I do not do one liners, the shortest I will do is one paragraph.

I feel uncomfortable interacting with minors for obvious reasons, so I kindly ask you are 18+. I really enjoy darker themes, but they are not necessary if they make you uncomfortable. I also apologize if I say a joke that offends you ^^" My sense of humor is sex jokes and some darker humor.. so, sorry if I say something that makes you uncomfy, please tell me and I will apologize!

I also do a few cannon universes, though I do not play cannon characters. Some of my favourite cannon universes to roleplay with include creepypasta, Satsuriku no Tenshi (Angels of Death) , and SCP foundation. I am in a wide variety of fandoms, so if you wish to use a cannon character or cannon universe, ask me if I know it and if I would like to use it.

Most of my OCs are switches or bottom. I am willing to make characters for roleplays and I have a few extra characters that are not on my blog- I can play characters from soft submissive femboys to snappy, cruel, dominant mad killers! I am also willing to genderswap any of my OCs! ^^
Anywho, thank you for reading all of this!
when you get a moment, please check out my rules!

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LoneSoul asked the question
Q. Heya! I just realized we forgot to talk about length. Before I start on your reply, would it be alright with you if I just matched the present part of your reply? (The three paragraphs)
A. yeah! I tend to match whatever the other person is comfortable with, so just type as much as you wish!
 Aug 3rd 2022 13:21

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