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18 / Female / Single
Arkansas - United States
I had an account on here previously but life swept it away, waddup?

I think the previous name was failynn? Not sure at this point, it's been like a year or two.

I do story form roleplays! I will send multiple paragraphs at a time, very literate, very detailed! I still have a few things to work on with how I write, but I do not do the ** roleplays or the second person.

I also do not do roleplays based on movies or shows, books, etc. I may do a loosely book inspired roleplay, but that's the extent: I create my own universe and characters, story lines, etc, formed around your character to make it easy to slip into a roleplay.

I won't be replying to any requests today, be safe yall.

Wear a mask, 6 feet apart, covid is no joke.

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