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Smiling_Hero's Blog

Rules of the Hero

-Despite Hero's mask they are not an anthro animal. While their true face is unknown it IS likely something you would see on an ordinary human. This character is not intended for furry roleplays.

-You must be 18+ to be accepted by me. Topics such as mental torment, violence, and other adult themes may be involved. No smut.

-Please try to make your responses at least a paragraph.

-Hero canonically adds ":P" (pronounced "colon-P") at the end of their phrases. Let me know if you'd like me to include this or not because I know it's not everyone's cup of tea.

-Like this blog post please! It lets me know you read it!

-More rules will be added, but for now I hope to see you again! :P
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Hero's Entry

Here's the personality and bio entry for Hero as taken directly from the Cosmosdex.

Though Hero is a notail, many will find that they do not act like one in any way; so much so that it seems hard to believe that they even are one at all.

For one thing, every little offense that would concern a normal notail - wearing normal, plain clothing, for example, or disdaining the amalgamation of flesh with metal - is a complete nonentity for them. Even when reintroduced to these concepts by other notails, they simply don't seem to care, and find it a very pointless thing to worry about.

There is something that Hero does care about, however. This is namely saving people, helping people, and assisting people any way they can. They are nothing but a hero, after all. They don't have a purpose, a life, a being without it. It's the only thing that they are.

Perhaps correlated to that, Hero is quite friendly and open, doing their best to seem approachable and even speaking only in gentle, calm tones. They have never been recorded raising their voice, and seem to be always smiling. This is the single thing they do that does resemble the typical notail, as a matter of fact - but even this smile appears specifically engineered to be as calming as possible.

Docile and sweet, kind and genuine, Hero may not have a background to build their personality on, but they've grown into a very generous being nevertheless. It's no surprise that it's so very easy for them to make friends wherever they may go - and a good thing, too, for someone who plans to overthrow a notail leader surely needs all the help they can get.

But there may be a little more to them under the surface than just that.

Just annoying O-6 puts your family and friends at risk. In order to hunt him, to actively go after him and plot his death, one has to be willing to pull through regardless of anything he threatens to do. Hero has already seemingly erased their own memory in order to overcome that problem. Who knows what else they might be willing to sacrifice, when push comes to shove?

The proper history behind Hero, if it had ever existed in the first place, is knowledge long lost even to the notail themself.

What is left is simple.

The earliest memory Hero has in full, disregarding irrelevant snippets that even they know are not truly memories, is regaining awareness of their surroundings to a relatively plump marsue lazily watching them, picking their teeth free of food. Hero was the end result of a deal sealed before their time - one surely of their own volition, for it was their own handwriting that was left upon the one thing they had in their inventory: a picture of a notail in a black-and-gold mask, and the note on the back informing them of their sole purpose in their new life. To "be the hero."

Whoever they had touched down on Besplanet as, they had come out of the marsue's homeworld as a complete stranger - just one more of many that couldn't handle their past, the guards surely assumed. But Hero had hollowed themself out for a far greater purpose than just a new start.

Returning from their voyage into obscurity as a shining beacon, their return saw them on Eukaryote simply familiarising themself with their fellow notails again - asking about the identity of the one they sought to hunt, though they had not specified such yet, and assisting the petty problems of every G-class and otherwise that had one, learning their way back around notail society again as they did.

Considering how indifferent most notails are to others' troubles, and their predilection towards survival of the fittest, this would have stood out even if their clothing hadn't - and even if they didn't declare their intention of saving the world from notail leader O-6 once they felt they had a good enough grasp on the way the universe worked again, with their antenna and sights set directly on his distant tower.

For them, there's nothing to fear. It's just a matter of finding their way there.
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