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21 / Other / Single
Pennsylvania - United States
Hey everybody!! Name's Sky and I love to roleplay! I am a freelance roleplayer and will do almost anything. Furry, Romantic, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Historical, Medieval, Fandom. You name it! I must warn you though, horror is not for this dude. So please avoid horror when roleplaying. Scary Suspense is okay though. I can play male or female (your preference) and I'm on most of the day. I tend to write in a Semi-Para, Para, or Multi-Para depending on my mood. I except you to at least try to match that. for reading and I can't wait to roleplay with you!

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Dont asked the question
Q. “H-Hello..?”
A. Hi!!
 Jan 15th 2018 01:29

marco444 asked the question
Q. hello :)
How are you?
A. Doing well. Thanks for asking
 Jan 22nd 2017 11:48

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Your turn
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Hey, thanks for adding me, I hope we can rp soon c:
Dec 14th 2015 11:33