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25 / Female / Single
Florida - United States
Hi! Nice to meet you! This is a multi-character account revolving around the escapades of an all-female ska band!

What's Ska? Think if jazz and Green Day mixed, that's ska! (My profile will have a good example song)

Some rules!
1. If you add me, please message first!
2. If you add me, add me with the purpose of roleplaying
3. I love to do romance RP, but most any that my band can fit into is okay!
4. Please please be literate, you can't create a wonderful stort with a limited grasp of the english language.
5. I will do raunchy RP, but ONLY with buildup, and not with that as the main goal.

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Aah, I had such a busy last few days. Back on now!! I'll send out replies as I get to them
Mood: excited
2  May 19th 2019 11:16

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