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SithyBoiBlue's Blog

Star Wars OC 2


Name: Zeneth Galshwar.
Age: 25
Home planet: Dathomir
Race: Zabrak
Weapon: Double Bladed saber. Red blade, black core
Skin: Orange with Black tattoos

Raised as a slave he was soon given the opportunity to travel to Korriban and train as a Sith. Throughout his training he was nonstop teased for being a slave and that only fueled his rage and lust for power. Now he leads a battalion of troops while wielding a double bladed lightsaber, just as his ancestors Darth Maul and Savage Opress has wielded.

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Star Wars OC 1


Harlem Oomala

Alignment: Sith

Age- Unknown-Younger

Birthplace- Starkiller Base

Homeplanet- Dathomir

Family- None

Saber- One Red Singlebladed saber. Reverse grip.

Bio- Before the destruction of StarKiller base, Harlem Oomala was born, living his life under the training of the First Order he soon was discovered to be very powerful force sensitive child. Taken under his wing by the dark side of the force and his master of the time. He trained in the ways of the Dark Side and later rebuilt the Knights Of Ren. After rebuilding the powerful team he thrived for more. And was banished from the group for not wanting to be equal. He now travels the galaxy. Searching for more power
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Jason (Non MCU)

Jason Taylor
Personality: An adventurous guy who doesn't take no for an answer, He is also very out there and has a lot of energy, but can also be calm/chill when needed to be.
Profession: Professional Musician
Enjoys: Hanging with his friends/Loved ones, Playing guitar, discovering new places
Dislikes: A**holes and people who try to shut him down.
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Jason Romanoff


Name: Jason Romanoff
Code Name: Widows Wrath
Height: 5'9
Weapons: 2 Metal scrimmage sticks

As the son of the Black Widow, his reputation is nothing short of her own. Specializing in hand to hand combat and with an expertise in covert ops. He is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield... Off however is a different story, When he is not fighting he is a fun loving, joke cracking kid at heart with a big heart for those he cares about.
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