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(Sinon (ヵゐニ))
19 / Other / Single
Hell, North Carolina - United States
" Who knew something so cute , could be so deadly,”

I do NOT do purely ero

Hello there , my little hell spawns! My name is Sinon, and welcome to my personal hell. Now, you may be wondering a few things, Sinon, your profile looks pretty good for a new comer! I'm not new, I have been on and off since 2016.

I guess people think that i do not like details and prefer one liners, but i despise one liners and love a good story! I don’t know why people think that but if you want a one liner , ero based roleplay. go somewhere else.

Little RP facts:
Strictly Submissive
I will roleplay any gender,
or any sexuality.
I am against all forms of rape in roleplay and all forms of pedophilia.
If you want to know kinks, PM me.
I do NSFW.
I do not like ERO based roleplays, i want a story loves!
I also do many video game and cartoon/anime roleplays, just dm which one you would like.


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