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25 / Male / Single
United States
Thank you for looking at my profile.
What I do:
-I play Romance, NSFW, slice of life, Fantasy, Furry, Sci fi and Supernatural. I can work with dark themes, and I’m very open minded for most of the crazies ideas that can come out.
-I’m Dominant, and that’s what I enjoy playing.
-I play male, always.
-I don’t have any “OC” prepared beforehand; I will create one for each individual play, and I can shape it to suit your personal needs, always respecting my previous points.
-I will work with you in detailed stories, creating plots together, or following yours if that is what you wish. The premise can be simple, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be flat and boring.
-If we do NSFW I will not jump directly to the intercourse. We set the rules first, your likings and mine, we create the atmosphere, we start the engine and warm the machine, and then we jump to the ride.

What I don’t do:
-I don’t play with on liners.
-I don’t play with a person that writes “chat room” style.
-I don’t play with players that spam you for an answer.
-I will not leave you in the shade. If something happens, I will let you know that I’m delayed in my answer.
-I don’t stockpile friends; I will only work with active people. More than 7 days without warning or notice and I will delete you.

If you read all of this, your first message had to contain the name of a writer (or director) of your liking.
You add, you talk.
I can be exigent, but you will not regret playing with me.

Latest Comments

Im sorry, please forgive me, this weekend has been a mess, and things are a “little” complicated in my office. Im not too sure if I will be able to play for a couple of days, I have a date limit to complete some assignments and there is a lot at stake…new responsibilities are a nuisance. I will be back to you as soon as I’m able to.
Mar 11th 2019 06:12

I’m having some personal and office troubles today; I will be slow in my replies. I ask apologies to all my partners.
Feb 26th 2019 09:02

Ok, im back! Truth be told I came back 4 days ago but I wanted to get a good grip of my new assignments. So, in resume, I got a promotion, advance payment and a very good training <3. Thanks to all of you for your patience. I understand the ones that deleted me (even if you don’t read this, I understand, and I ask apologies for my lack of consideration in my sudden disappearing). I will slowly begin to answer to our plays. Im happy to be back to all of you n_n
Feb 11th 2019 05:40

To all my partners. Those beautiful people that decided to play with me. Today I got a proposition in the office; I got the chance to assist to a training trip. It was so sudden, and I have been most of the time today making arrangements (I have been practically AFK today).
While this is a great chance to improve in my job is also a crap because I will not have a lot of time to answer (probably, none at all). Please, be patients. I will try to answer when I’m able. I really enjoy playing with all of you. If only I could split in two. Sorry, again, please be patient, this is going to take a week maximum. I know is crappy to go like this T_T but I really hope that you could understand.
Jan 28th 2019 10:50