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(Sidney Prescott)
32 / Female / Single
Los Angeles, California - United States
Sidney Prescott is the main heroine and protagonist of the Scream movie series. She is also the daughter of Maureen and Neil Prescott, the cousin of Jill Roberts, the niece of Kate Roberts, and the half-sister of Roman Bridger.

She proved herself as a survivor when she defeated the Woodsboro Killers, Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. Sidney tried to live a normal life away from the limelight but the Ghostface killers struck again while she attended Windsor College. That time, it was Mrs. Loomis and Mickey Altieri who were behind the murders. Mrs. Loomis was looking for revenge on Sidney for killing her son and Mickey just wanted a famous trial. Sidney once again survived but chose to live in a secluded home in the deep woods with negligible contact with the outside world.

When Roman Bridger forced her out of hiding, she confronted him in Hollywood and finally found some closure. 10 years later, she wrote a book on her experiences with the hope of helping others to overcome their traumas. However, upon her subsequent return to her home town, a new set of killings caused her life to spin out of control once more. This time, they were orchestrated by her cousin, Jill Roberts, in her obsession of being famous with the help of Charlie Walker.

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